"No Surprises"

Most people love surprises. Whether it's a future vacation, a proposal, or finding out the sex of your baby when he/she arrives -- everyone loves surprises. But when you need everything to go according to plan, surprises are not welcomed.

So, when my father's doctor approached us in the surgical waiting room to give his final comments after his surgery, he smiled and said "There were no surprises. He is doing very well."

AH - what a sigh of relief!! Everything went according to plan, no unexpected snag appeared, and what matters most is my dad is resting and comfortable (thanks to strong pain meds).

I can't even begin to express how impressed we are with University of Chicago Hospitals. Not only were they ranked 14th in
"US News and World Report" 2005 Best Hospitals, but they are ranked among the best in 11 specialty areas. This hospital not only treated my dad's esophageal cancer, but our son, Matthew, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when he was two and is a part of U of C's Celiac Disease Program. We have many reasons to be grateful for that establishment.

Thank you to everyone who prayed and hoped the best for our family. Blessings back!!!