Caving In

I finally did it. I turned on the heat.

Every fall I wait and wait to do it. The thought of our electric/gas bill going up is dreadful. I like to see how long I can last before turning the heat on. This morning it was below 65 degrees in our house and Matthew complained about his feet being cold. (We have ceramic tile throughout our downstairs to boot.)

So I changed the furnace’s filter and flipped the switch. AH – a little more comfortable!!

When Matthew walked out to catch the morning bus, I saw his breath and that confirmed it was time.

We still have a few 70 degree days ahead (fingers crossed), but they will disappear. Steve will be tuning up the snowblower and I’ll be taking down the window screens. Better get out the fleece and winter coats.....winter is coming! Pass the tissues please.


To my fellow bloggers: I have been MIA lately. Mark has a viral throat infection with a slight fever which needs to fade away on its own. I like to use my free time to veg-out, watch TV, read magazines, or SLEEP. You’ll have to excuse my absence, but my mental health will thank me.