Deck Decor

When we moved into our home February 2000, we especially liked the deck just off the kitchen’s dining area. We have two French doors that look out to that deck. It is easy to stay inside and accomplish kitchen tasks while the kids enjoy the outdoors.

It is not the most decorative or furnished deck. We do not have a nice patio set or elaborate landscape. It needs to be stained again thanks to the boys’ wear ‘n’ tear, but we didn’t make time for that this summer.

Our deck consists of a Little Tykes picnic table used frequently by Matt and his friends during the warm months. His favorite food to eat there is ICE CREAM. There is a deck box stuffed with outside toys –- some broken some that work. A Little Tykes toddler slide which Mark absolutely loves and a plastic basketball hoop that Matt throws balls at while riding on a Big Wheel. Mark screams to be picked up by Daddy and make a basket too.

It can be 90+ degrees or below freezing and my boys still beg to go out and play on the deck. They laugh, push each other around on their big wheels, and fight over who gets what. AH – siblings!

Some days I wish I had that nice patio furniture. A place for the adults to retreat to and drink a tall glass of lemonade. But watching the kids have fun together is more important. We chose family time over staining the deck last season. Matt devours his ice cream in bliss at the plastic picnic table and I will sit back and be content in these choices.