Weekend Round Up

Nothing beats a nice weekend! Saturday morning the baking fairy tapped me on the shoulder and all of the sudden I had this motivation to make gluten free yummies for Matthew...and Mark too! It is easy to make several and keep them frozen for future use.

Gluten Free Pantry makes a fantastic brownie and pancake mix. For those with sensitivities to dairy, there is a dairy free option too. All I can say is YUM-O!!! Matthew has several birthday parties to attend these next couple months and he always chooses GF brownies over the mainstream birthday cake offered.

I keep the pancakes frozen in a ziplock bag and microwave for a minute like you would any Aunt Jemima pancake. Breakfast is served – usually with sausage on the side. My boys love sausage!!!

Another gluten free mix that is praised here is Breads From Anna. They make a delicious banana bread mix and offer a variety of recipes online that work with her mixes (muffins, pancakes, and dinner rolls). I think Matthew devoured three muffins that morning!! Enough product plug ins...let's read on....

So my little munchkins enjoyed their treats as well as the bowl’s batter!!!

I must also add that my feet didn’t suffer any damage thanks to my new Crocs. *ALL HAIL CROCS* Like Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing is addicted to her variety of slings, so am I addicted to this footwear. Matthew is already begging for a pair!

Sunday we all attended church for a change. It has been four weeks since we've gone together! Either Matt or Mark were sick with a cold. When I dropped Mark off at the church’s nursery he needed to get used to the environment all over again! In other words, my little Marky was not a happy boy, but did fine and most important: I enjoyed service.

To end our "nice weekend" we joined the administration staff from Steve's school town for some yummy Italian eats at Buca Di Beppo. Time with my hubby, adult conversation, good laughs...enough said!

This morning Matthew told me, "Mom, I had a nightmare that I fell into water and a squid was trying to get me. I prayed and God took it away." Sweet words to a mother's soul!