God Is Good......and so is Comer's!!!!

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, he hears us.” 1 John 5:14

First I need to shout a big “thank you” to all of who prayed, thought of us, and gave a quick note of encouragement. May God bless you right back!

I thought about posting yesterday, but I was so tired. Since Mark could not eat before the procedure Steve and I were not able to get a bite before leaving. It wouldn’t be fair to eat around our Little Man! So I had a headache by the time we arrived home. It was exhausting and long.

With that said, let me say how impressed we are with University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital. I have posted before how U of C treated my dad’s cancer and he is now cancer free. We were hoping for a good experience when we had to take Mark for his endoscopy Tuesday to test him for celiac disease.

From the waiting room to post-op, we were treated with support the whole way. Their equipment and technology awed me. Little things made a difference (then again, I guess they weren't so little):
  • A lazy boy-like chair to comfort your child instead of those steel framed cribs
  • A person whose soul job is to distract the child by blowing bubbles, etc
  • TV’s in every room with On-Demand movies (anything from Disney to Chronicles of Narnia to internet)
  • A private pre/post op. If a child was screaming next door or if Mark decided to lose control - just slide the door shut.
  • Toys galore including Thomas track set ups everywhere!

That is just a taste of their accomidations. Their staff was friendly, quick, and understanding. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Dr. Guandalini’s team assessed Mark and took his history. We were able to throw out our concerns and questions. It was good to have a patient ear. After his procedure, which took 20 minutes, his team believes Mark may be NEGATIVE after all. His esophagus looks clear and not inflamed. The wall of his stomach looks good. Nothing would indicate a problem. By Thursday or Friday we will know if Mark has Celiac or not when the labs check the intestinal biopsies.

They used a less intense form of anesthesia, which made Mark’s “coming out” experience less traumatic. We woke him up and he just wanted to cuddle on me. Can’t complain about that!

There was no traffic going to or from the hospital. Mark did well during both trips – in spite of his hunger on the way. We were home by mid afternoon and I was ready to take a nap! Mark managed to go down for a little bit, so I took that time to regroup myself.

So God answers. Delivers. He is good. Supportive. Comforting and peaceful. He works according to His will. May all of us learn to trust Him more today and the next..........