Refrigerator Tag

Becky from Frog and Toad Are Friends tagged me to reveal the front of our refrigerator.

A little description:
  • A hand print craft by Matthew (preschool over two years ago) and a postcard saying "You Rock!" from Sunday School.
  • Matt's kindergarten calendar and parent/teacher conference reminder labeled "Important"
  • A photo of Julia who battled a Wilm's Stage Four tumor and is now cancer free (I play Bunco monthly with her mommy) The power of prayer!
  • A photo of my side of the family and a picture of Matt and I at our Valentine's Day bowling date last year. Not to mention Matt's t-ball photos!
  • Where is Mark? GOOD QUESTION!!!!!!!!!
There ya have it! Now I tag Nikkie from Random Thoughts of a Tired Mom and Dee from All the While...