Weekend Round Up

Why do weekends seem so short? I wish we had an extra day to sleep in not to mention having my hubby around -- good company!

My boys are doing better with each passing day. Matt is completely over this last nasty cold/respiratory bug. Mark is also getting better and in a few days he should be over it.

Steve and I were able to have some “together time” on Saturday morning. He was presented an honorary award for his achievement in education from his alma mater, Valparaiso University. I know – awesome! The faculty prepared a brunch with some entertainment and more. It was intimidating to sit at a table with PhD’s and listen to conversations about education policies and theories. To be honest, I just enjoyed time with my husband away from the kids.

Afterwards we walked the university’s campus. Steve shared college memories while we toured the new library. Even cracked a few jokes and made each other laugh. Time well spent!

I am ready to conquer the week. Ready to grocery shop. Ready to get Matthew from school every day. Ready to be a mom!