You tell me?

After reading my post about Mark’s hospital visit, I felt like I was gushing and gushing about the accommodations. I was so excited all went well. I know you can forgive me!

We are still waiting for our main computer to be fixed. Steve decided to build an updated system, so it will take longer than expected. I have been taking so many cute photos of the family, but I cannot download them on our laptop. BOO HOO!


Matt is starting to name off items he would like for Christmas. Any time we are in Wal-Mart or Target or he sees that cool new toy commercial, he rattles off what he wants and I remind him, “Put it on your Christmas list.” Of course Mark just grins probably thinking, “Good, it’ll be mine someday.”

As he announced toy after game after action-figure I was brought back to a time when I was a little girl. Is it me or is this generation spoiled with more toys, games, entertainment, and just stuff? I look through my children’s toy boxes and think, “I never had this much as a kid or this many options!”

Growing up we didn’t have Game Boys or Leapfrogs. I had a stack of coloring and activity books. There wasn't V-Tech, Xbox, or for heaven’s sake........THE INTERNET! You were lucky if you owned Atari with PONG.

We had a family station wagon without a DVD/video player. Yes, we actually had to talk and look outside the windows! We made our “boundaries” and announced, “Do not cross my line!” The luxury of listening to your own music wasn’t an option. I recall many times being forced to listen to Barry Manilow, The Carpenters or Neal Diamond -- sometimes even TALK RADIO because we didn't have FM!!! Two words: Car Bingo!!!!!

My dress up clothes consisted of old outfits my mom wore in the early 70’s. That loud-patterned flower unisuite!!! Some were torn being held together by safety pins. I would grab my mom’s old slip and just like that (with a finger snap) I had long locks. I didn’t have princess dresses with heels or crowns. No no......I used old tulle and my dad’s old ties for that.

I had two.....count them.....TWO Barbies for several years: Malibu and Kiss-Me Barbie. I thought I could tan Malibu on top of a lamp shade. When her hair started to melt on the lightbulb I put two and two together. But did my mom go right out and buy a new one..........no! Lesson learned! I used my brothers’ blocks to make Barbie’s furniture, TV, and walls. She had a nice “waterbed” made with a zip lock bag and old fabric tucked underneath. My imagination went wild and I didn’t even own her Dream House.

Children’s cable stations? What children’s cable stations! PBS and reruns were my choice. I grew up watching I Love Lucy, Bewitched, and The Monkees reruns. Who can forget Mister Rogers, Sesame Street, and The Electric Company?

And let us not forget the best toy of all during our childhood: BICYCLES!!!!

Comparing my generation with my boys’, I worry. Are we teaching them to respect things? Do many toys affect a child’s anticipation for more and more? How many times have you been in a store ready to just throw an item in the cart just because your child wants it now? Or replacing a toy ASAP because they broke it? Do we lavish our children without limits? Are we guilty of this growing problem? I admit dabbling in these areas and quickly brought to conviction. Somtimes it's easier to throw the pair of Spongebob PJs in the cart to make my son happy. Are we raising a generation that expects no disappointments? I am convicted!

“Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal.” Matthew 6:20

Bottom line: DVD’s can babysit. Leapfrogs can teach. Barbie can make a girl feel beautiful. Xbox can bring hours of entertainment. Spongebob is funny. But toys can break. The DVD can scratch. The Leapfrog’s batteries die. You can turn off Spongebob. And Barbie is not a real person. It all clutters into one big used pile of junk. In the end a child will search for a parent’s love, attention, and most of all time. Let’s all tune in!!!!