Love Triangle

You’ve seen that movie? You know that movie. The one where two men are fighting for the girl. The men scheme and plot a way to win the girl’s affection. She is caught in the middle. We have all dreamed of a moment like that – admit it!

Well that dream has come true and I experience it on a daily basis.

As I sit on the couch Matthew comes to sit on my lap. He talks about his day and likes to snuggle with his Mommy. Until......

In comes Mark!

Mark climbs up and pushes his way through. Of course Matthew doesn’t like to be pushed aside either, so Mark does a yell as if to say, “Move, brother, I am here and want all of mom’s attention!” Matthew replies loudly, "Mark, stop it!"

So there I sit on the couch. Matthew is fighting for his spot while Mark is trying with all his might to take over. They push. Hit. Yell. Both wanting my affection!

At one moment I am absorbing all this attention. Loving every minute they fight over me. Then my contentment quickly turns to annoyance as the two of them get louder and then one accidentally hits me.

“Ok, enough is enough!” (Those familiar words again!)
“Get off!”

So what is a girl (or mom) to do? Love triangle movies never end on that note, do they?