Things that make me go "Uh?"

As I was driving back from grabbing a pizza from our local Pizza Hut (love their breadsticks by the way) I flipped through my preset radio stations. Could it be? Are you serious? Yes.......


And that is CHRIST-mas music. Not holiday music. Not festive music. And please, not Santa’s music. I won’t elaborate on how ridiculous that subject is.

It isn’t even the week before Thanksgiving yet. Can you believe it? I said out loud, “Are you kidding me???”

On the subject of things that make me go, "Uh????", I was flipping through my local newspaper while waiting to pick up Matthew and saw this ad:

“Creating Smiles Dental Spa”

Yes, you heard that right: DENTAL SPA

As a former dental assistant I can throw out my opinion here. When did society thing “dental” and “spa” could be used in the same title? Has anyone experienced spa-like feelings at a dental appointment? You know what I experience working in the dental profession: fear, yelling, shaking, kicking, and biting. Let me also state that these reactions were not only from children!!!

Just some topics to cause your mind to crank too and ask, "What the heck?"