Morning Quotes

Here is a taste of what I heard from Matthew this morning:

"Power boosters, ready to go downstairs??? Ready.....set.....GO!" He flies downstairs in "rocket time" making blast sounds

"....can you find your Halloween costume.....is it stored.....huh.....go down and see.....let's go now....blast fast...." Repeating an episode of American Dragon Jake Long while brushing his teeth and watching himself in the mirror

"Mom, I am serious, this time I am going to shoot the coffee maker." Holding his new air rocket gun he got at a recent Chuck E. Cheese party

And then I hear.....

"Mom, if you move I am going to shoot your butt!" How nice!

"I can pour my own cereal.....watch....." A cereal bowl is filled to the brim with Cocoa Puffs and milk

"I can walk to the bus stop alone. Mom can you just stay home?" Give me some Kleenex!