How bad do you have it?

Steve attended a college football game Saturday. Matthew was anticipating when his daddy would come home because he’s cooler compared to fuddy-duddy mom. Seeing the final score on TV meant he should arrive home within an hour. The home team won: 16 - 27

Matthew asked, “Mom, how much did they win by?”

I replied, “Take 27 and subtract 16 from it. That will give you the answer.”

In the basement grabbing clothes from the dryer I did my own math so I would be ready with the answer. I came up with nine.

**Now before you go all hay-wire on me just wait!!!**

Matt yells from upstairs, “Eleven, Mom! The difference is eleven!”

At first I thought, “Nope,” but then I had to think again. He was right! Eleven not nine. What was I thinking? Where did my simple math go? Did my brain birth out of me as well as my children? I ponder that many times a day in fact.

Maybe I should think twice before posting this awful scenario! But come on....you’ve been there too!