Well done, Greg!!!

As many of you know, Greg Page (aka Greg “Yellow” Wiggle) is leaving the popular kid group he founded, The Wiggles, because he is unable to perform due to a condition known as orthostatic intolerance.

Matthew, was in love with this high energy, fast dancing group from the first time he saw their clips between Playhouse Disney shows. Their songs are catchy and I found myself snappin’ along to their tunes.

These photos were taken the day we saw them August 2003 with Stephanie and her family

Now that Matthew is nearly six, we are not up to date with The Wiggles recent songs and tour schedule, but it hit my heart when I heard he was leaving because of health problems. Seems like this year has caught a lot of children off guard -- from Steve Irwin’s sudden death to Greg’s departure.

This decision must have been a difficult one. My thoughts go out to his family and friends and I pray he keeps “toot toot chugga chuggin” along. Job well done, Greg!

Click here to view Greg’s video message. (Please be patient while it downloads. I have DSL and it took quite awhile coming all the way from Australia).

UPDATE: Stephanie reminded me that we went EARLY for tickets and sat in the second row for that concert. Hey, Steph, that was a ton of fun and thanks for remembering!!!