10 Things I Hate...ur...DISLIKE!

Stephanie tagged me with this.....

Food: I tried sushi several years ago. I absolutely love seafood, but I don't like the taste of a fishy beach in my mouth. It was gross!

Fruit: Oh my, this is hard. I love almost all fruit, but there is nothing worse than biting into a mushy apple or a sawdust dry peach.

Veggies: Okra. Haven’t really tried it and I don’t plan to. It just looks strange.

Celebrities/People: My bottom line: Hollywood needs Jesus! The money. The pride. The expectations. The focus. Ick!

Event/Situation/Incident: Ok, who out there likes to have your children scream and cry over not getting what they want in public? Anyone? Anyone? Cleaning up barf is up there too. Vomit just scares me!

TV shows/Movies: I usually give any flick a 20-minute chance before stopping it. But I did sit through the horrible “Stepford Wives” and am embarrassed to say it was a 2-hour waste of time. As for TV, with my Tivo I rarely flip to something I dislike. If Matt is watching his precious "Avatar", I just go read a magazine and tune out.

Music: I can tolerate most music, but anything from Marilyn Manson or any of that hard-core, explicit punk rock needs to be shelved. Wash my ears!

Household Chores: Hands down -- cleaning the bathtub/shower. (Steph, I am heading straight to your bathroom next time I am over!)

Things around the world: Poverty. America is so rich, it’s amazing there are those around the world that cannot provide food for themselves. Doesn't make sense.

Things about yourself: I am a horrible listener! I am ready to open my mouth and spill out an opinion before hearing others' first. God is working on me!