Counting the Days

One more week until the first day of school. Matt visited his grandparents for a few days this summer and I had a taste of what my life will be like with only one child in the house on a daily basis. It was kinda nice!

I enjoyed focusing more on Mark and his interests for a change. Since birth he's been toted here and there. Going to softball games. Matt's baseball games. Practices for this and that. School events. Now I can actually take Mark to story hour at our local library and it's all for him. Or visit a park with other moms and not worry about Matt and his friends colliding into poor Mark who is trying to keep up as best he can. Mark can develop his own circle of preschool friends now.

It's all bittersweet, you know. Watching my boys grow up. Letting go of precious moments from the past. Knowing I can't turn back the clock. Growing more independent day by day...hum....then again, I gain more freedom too!