A Piece of Cake

We arrived at the barber shop this morning for Matt's before-school hair cut. Robin has been cutting Steve and Matt's hair for years. She is such a nice person and cuts my guys' hair well too! As we get out of the van Robin pulls into the parking lot too and I ask if she wouldn't mind attempting Mark's head of hair. Up until now I've been using our own clippers and trimming it as best I can. She accepts the challenge gladly.

"Ok, Mark, it's your turn," I announce. Mark walks to the chair and climbs up himself. He sits down, Robin drapes the cape on and starts....

....could it have gone any easier? I don't think so! Mark sat there, still as ever without a sucker mind you. My only complaint: not bringing our camera! But I took a snapshot as soon as we arrived home as he stands next to the surprise he truly deserved from Target:

A NERF BASKETBALL HOOP You know how much Mark loves basketball!