Time Well Spent

AH! First let me begin this post by saying everyone deserves a blogging break! I’ve been able to tackle many tasks around my home and don’t get me started on the extra family time that came my way. My so-called sabbatical was the best decision. And I also wanted to thank everyone who agreed with me. Your support meant a lot! (((HUGS)))

Last week our family visited St. Joseph Michigan. There is a small hands-on museum called Curious Kids that we took the boys to -- thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for free passes given last Christmas. This place had all kinds of science exhibits, art project areas, and cultural booths, but what my boys couldn’t get over was Appleland. After spending a few minutes at each station throughout the morning, my boys were stuck at Appleland for 30 minutes and we had to go there again before heading out. Mark could have picked apples until the cows came home and Matt enjoyed playing “check out man” while Steve and I shopped for food. Here are some items we purchased: orange juice ($35), apple juice ($20), crackers ($10), sour cream ($30) OUCH -- what a final total that made!!!

Before heading towards the beach we stopped at Cabana Grill for ice cream. Let me just say they make a kick-butt tiramisu ice cream that I inhaled – hello, coffee and chocolate! Is there a better combo out there? Matt’s a mint chocolate chip fan, while Steve usually takes a double scoop of whatever fancies him in a waffle cone. Then there is Mark who mooches off everybody’s! It was our time to regroup and relax while listening to Jimmy Buffet.

With our swimsuits now on, we headed towards Silver Beach – which included a huge playground, restrooms, concession stand and most of all nice warm water thanks to our 90 degree temps all week.

The boys loved the beach! Our daredevil, no fear Mark ran right to the shoreline ready to go in. Matt loved jumping the waves and doing his swimming tricks. After convincing Mark he had to stay close to shallow waters, he helped me collect different shells and rocks. Now trying to convince him to keep the rocks and not throw them back into the water was another story! I ended up with only four in my pocket.

Since we took a zillion pictures, be prepared to see them attached to posts the next couple weeks. I didn’t want you scrolling down... down... down.... down....

Now Steve and I are planning a day away from the kids to celebrate 12 years of marriage on August 5th. Blessings!