"Your son is so tall for his age!"

We hear this practically everywhere we go with Matt. During playdates. At the doctor's office. At the grocery store. People are surprised when they ask, "Are you going in 3rd grade?" and he answers, "No, first." I go on to explain that my father's family all average 6+ feet tall as well as my brothers, so it's in my blood. Is it true Matt is half the size of Shaq? Crazy but possible!

"Your son is only two," I hear about Mark, "he's as tall as my three year old!" I guess when the nurse says he's in the 90th percentile in height at wellness check-ups, she's not kidding.

I've always wanted sons that end up taller than me one day. I look forward to taking a high school graduation snapshot with my head reaching as high their chest. That feeling of protection as my sons guard their precious mom. My arms around these future men of God. Now we are off to register Matt for 1st grade....