We Survived

At 8:30pm last night we heard thunder, which quickly turned to quarter-size hail. Next thing you know, the power went out. Steve and I contemplated waking Matt up and heading for the basement. It sounded awful outside! In 30 minutes it was silent again.

Then around 2:30am we wake up to an upset Matt. He was complaining about no nightlight in his room -- it's too dark for him. Obviously the power is still out.

Half hour later our carbon monoxide detector is going off -- thankfully it was just a low battery. Steve jumps out of bed and runs into a wall trying to make his way downstairs. (He forgot I left the flashlight by his bed.) Matt is up again, trying to help out. I am fumbling around the house getting a new battery.

We are all back asleep 30 minutes after that. Wake up around 8am this morning. The power is still out. Steve leaves for work. He calls on the way. Most of our neighborhood is a mess. Trees down. Cars hail damaged. People bailing water out of basements. Leaves/branches everywhere. I start to worry about our food in the refridgerator/freezer. I sure don't want the morning's humid weather to creep into our still cool house.

"It's boring without power," Matt complains all morning. Good grief, how did those in the 18th century survive? Matt thought the world was coming to an end.

You think being bored is bad? How about not being able to brew a pot of morning coffee? I was so desperate that I took a filter, put grounds in it and poured boiling water through it straight into my mug. It took some time, but it was a darn good cup of joe!

It's 11:30am now. The power is back. Matt and his buddy are playing Xbox. I am watching The Wiggles with Mark. The house is cool. The fridge back on. Now I need a shower and run some errands.