Since leaving Sunday night this is my first time online to check email and post a short update on our trip. Needless to say we've been busy! The students' schedule is nonstop and during our free time, which is usually before bed, Steve and I prefer to crash. It's necessary in order to keep up with the young, teenage folk. Remember, this trip isn't about us, but for my hubby's high school band group. Chaperoning teenagers -- what a task! But we received the best compliment when the flight attendants searched Steve out and said it was the best behaved high school group they've had -- and they've had many. YAY and MOHALO! (thank you)

But tonight is a full free night and Steve and I made reservations for dinner on Waikiki Beach at Dukes. Can't wait!

We've done everything from a grand luau, Diamondhead Park, a private island getaway, Pearl Harbor (talk about sobering) and more to come. I am trying to figure out a good way to share our photos -- there are many!

I better go and get ready for my dinner date! Tomorrow we are sailing the Pacific on a catamaran and heading to the North Shore. I am not sure I want to leave, but I have two boys that my heart is aching to see again!