I've been absent from Wordless Wednesday for some time. Maybe because I can't make time and respond to all the comments left. Maybe because I still can't download all the photos from our trip to San Antonio - blasted computer problems! But my blogging friend, Wendy, went down around the same time and her photos look very familiar. I believe she's wearing a tank top in one. Reminds me again how warm it was. Too bad we couldn't meet up, girl!

Yesterday I signed Mark up for preschool. I can't begin to explain what I felt emotionally. Part of me is excited to have 2-1/2 hours to run errands alone or even get a pedicure, the other side is in disbelief and even sad. Seems like yesterday I posted this and this.

And let me also announce that my baby boy has been in underwear for three days straight. We are still battling poop issues, but he is dry as a bone, thank God. Oh to save money and cut out that diaper budget, very nice!

I can't fathom the day the crib comes down. For good. I better start preparing myself!