Clean House

Last week was a time of reevaluation. Specific circumstances caused me to look more deeply in corners of our family's spiritual health. I walked into cluttered rooms and realized we needed to get rid of things, reorganize and find a whole new order.

In some ways I felt I failed as a parent. I think I got comfortable, even lazy, with training my boys. You know, allowing Xbox to be played without a time limit - after homework of course - and letting my kids camp themselves in front of the TV for hours. And even though Matt loves to watch NASCAR and other sports with his beloved daddy doesn't remove the awful Victoria's Secret commercials and alcohol ads, but that's a whole other rant I could go on about! I wish we could guard our children's innocents forever, but in this world it's impossible.

And on that subject, it was revealed that a couple of Matt's friends aren't edifying or helping to build up his character. Why are most kids allowed to watch more smut on TV than ever? Where is the logic in children viewing rated-R movies and listening to explicit lyrics about sex and getting drunk? And I am not talking about preteens, but 6, 7 and 8 year-olds! This worries me.

One day I am on top of bad behavior and the next day I let it slide. I also realized I should expect a lot more responsibility from my boys as far as household chores go. If The Duggars' toddlers can do it, so can my 2-1/2 and 7 year old!! Maybe some of this is caused by cabin fever, but I can't use that as an excuse any longer.

These areas, while some not major, can slowly corrupt our family. I was forced to ask God what I needed to do to change. We made some new rules along with more expectations -- consequences following (good and bad). I asked Matt, who understands a lot more at his age, for forgiveness because ultimately it was my job to train and teach him. He responded with a big hug. I think we all learned a lesson.