On Our Plate

I received two particular phone calls this weekend (among many others). One was from Matt's future rookie baseball coach -- practices start after spring break (end of March) and opening day is April 19th. The other call was from Matt's flag football coach, who said his first practice is this Thursday with games in April. I turned to Steve and said:

"I won't be cooking many dinners next month."

I was reminded how busy our home gets during the spring/summer season. All of the sudden I transform into a chauffeur and sport's fan with Gatorade in tow. And I hope this season is easier with Mark. It's hard to keep his interest going during a 2-hour ball game. Thankfully flag football is an hour and only a month long -- what a piece of cake!

And to add to our family dynamics, we found out Steve needs elbow surgery to repair a torn ligament. It stems from when he helped our friend in Texas with her garage door (spring broke). So Steve is in the middle of consults and deciding whether to have the surgery before or after our trip to Hawaii (in two weeks). We personally know a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and he is helping in every way possible with referrals, etc. It's sure nice to know friends in high places!

I am preparing to be lawn groomer all over again and hopefully our home doesn't need a major repair because I am not that talented in the "men's work" department. I just know it'll be a long haul as far as Steve's recuperation is concern.

Soooooo you can imagine how I felt when I heard our church is hosting a "Queen for the Day" spa day to benefit a local women's group: timing couldn't be more perfect!! Before my life gets more complicated, I think a good massage, manicure and facial is right up my alley, don't ya think?

And before my friend's life gets more complicated with a fourth addition to her family, I thought she could use a spa day too. So I made a call of my own to her.

Steve is getting a consult from a doctor up at Northwestern on Tuesday and is scheduled for surgery Wednesday. I feel so unprepared, but we'll get through this. Keep you all posted!