I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane

If you happen to look up in the sky sometime Monday afternoon, consider me up there among 150+ chaperones and students. Please pray for us. That we are safe, protected and everything runs smoothly.

Ok, so I've been complaining about this looooong flight I am about to embark on. I checked Continental Airlines online and found out not only do we have monitors behind every seat, but we have several channels to choose from along with decent movies: Becoming Jane, Enchanted and August Rush BONUS! What I thought would be a lengthy, boring flight has become somewhat of an escape for me. No interruptions or boys bickering back and forth; my kind of travel!

Add a 5-hour time difference and I'm sure I'll be tuckered out by 6pm HST (Hawaii Standard Time), which is 11pm in the Midwest. Until I arrive to palm trees, lava rocks and ocean views......


PS A good mom would have posted cute Easter photos of her kids Sunday, but our cameras were already packed away. Trust me, it was a great family day! Just what I needed to absorb before leaving my precious sons. I just love them so much.