Did you remember.....

Just when I thought packing was going smoothly Steve reminds me, "Did you remember to pack our beach towels?"



Uh, no.

"And don't forget your big, floppy sun hat that looks so cute on you." (shown here w. Mark last summer)

Ok. (Thanks for the compliment, sweetie, unless you are being sarcastic.)

Good grief. Between my boys' suitcases to bagging their medications (just in case) to the nebulizer machine (again, just in case) to our own stuff, I feel like I am in the middle of a cyclone. So much to remember and sooooo much to simplify. Steve and I only intend on bringing a suitcase for each of us not a full chest, so we keep combing through our items asking, "Will I really need that?" And then we ask, "Well, what if....." Thank God no fancy dinners or band concert in a hall is on the itinerary. No dresses or more shoes to add!

I'm sure a Walgreens or some convenience store will be close by. I mean, we won't be in the boonies! Honolulu is a city for pete's sake, right?

So far I have my magazines, which I set aside refusing to read all month so that they may pass time away on that loooooong flight to come. We are going to download our webcam software to send cute videos to our boys and my parents. And I promise to take a lot of snapshots. (Seems like while we were in San Antonio our camera was left behind at the hotel a lot. I think we were too thrilled to be alone and free!)