The Miracle Worker

Today is a new day. Steve slept all night and woke up refreshed. The thought of not being confined to a bulky cast is a relief (to him and me), especially with Hawaii a little over a week away. Our flight, however long, will go much smoother than we expected. Can you imagine sitting in coach with a rock hard stone-like sleeve around your arm? Ugh. Talk about uncomfortable.

Before Steve was wheeled into surgery we knew that either the tendon was partially intact or torn to the point of needing total reconstruction. The doctor at NMH couldn't tell unless he went in and saw everything with his own eyes. Either way, he needed to do something inside the elbow to help it heal.

Up to that point we were told there was a 8mm tear. We were told surgery was needed. We were also told that his recuperation would be grueling and long. Needless to say, we anticipated our lives altering. Every doctor before the specialist was saying this, so we had no reason to feel otherwise. We just prayed.

After pondering about our day yesterday we were left with two thoughts: either all the reports before the specialist were false and the MRI lied or God possibly took His hand and touched those muscles and bones. Even the specialist was baffled that the tendon felt intact before surgery, but the MRI showed damage, blood and trauma. Either way, we'll accept it! I also failed to mention yesterday that nothing was done within the elbow -- only the tapes over the initial incisions. And his sling can be removed Monday and then used as needed.

I believe our God performs miracles today. I believe He is the same yesterday, today and forever. And why yesterday worked out the way it did we'll never know in the natural, but God did something. I know that for sure!