Welcome to the Party!

I am participating in 5 Minutes for Mom's Bloggy Party. This is a first for me and as I scrolled through and read some entries, I am realizing my life is pretty....well....mundane. (Even though my photo shows otherwise!)

I am not into scrapbooking or knitting. In fact, I don't have any hobbies that help me escape from whining kids and household duties. Does getting a full body massage count as a hobby? I guess Tivo is nice during naptime. I can watch my shows on my time.....when I have the time!

Well, now that I think of it, I guess I do dabble in cooking -- especially gluten free treats since my oldest son, Matt, has celiac disease. If you pop in for a visit, you are likely to find The Food Network on. And this week I purchased one of these in "onyx black" and used it twice already. What ease -- I love it!

So what keeps me busy? Two boys, thank you! Mark (2-1/2) is my adventurer and independent child, while Matt (7) is my calculator and lover of all things sports. They keep me on my toes for sure with their activities and schedules.

I have been happily married to a high school principal (Steve) for over 12 years now and in two weeks we are joining my hubby's high school band on a Spring break trip to -- drum roll please -- HAWAII Yes, you heard that right. Please don't hate me and click off this blog, I beg you!

So leave a comment and sign off with an adjective and then a color that best describes you. What's mine?


Have fun partying away!