Better Late Than Never

Alright, Wendy, you asked for it: PHOTOS FROM TEXAS! (This is my first Orange Julius ever. It was refreshing during our Riverboat Ride around the city of San Antonio.)

Our main computer had some kinks in it, so our friendly tech guy installed Windows Vista as well as Office 2007. The features are pretty cool, but it's taking some getting used to. Matt is requesting his own email account and I had to guide my way along all kinds of parental controls.

In another week at this time we will be on a plane traveling from O'Hare (Chicago) to Newark (New Jersey) then all the way to Honolulu, Hawaii. Don't get me started on the flight.....I know.....LONG! But I'll take whatever they give me if it means tropical weather, blue waters and tasting the best pineapple ever.

Steve is recovering from surgery well. He hates being "a burden" and needing help with getting dressed, showering and carrying. I don't mind, but he thinks it puts a crimp in my day with handling the boys too. I realize a cast would have been much worse, so I am thankful he's in a sling and gaining his independence with every day.

And I haven't updated any of you on my dad. He is also doing well and gaining strength. Life isn't normal yet, but getting closer and closer. God was and is sooo good!

I have been a bag blogger too. With our new operating system, Steve's needs and Matt's flag football practice, which started last week, I haven't had time. Now I have packing to tackle and summer clothes to wash. This weekend I bought a couple crazy tropical shirts that aren't Steve's style, but he's agreed to wear them anyway. (And those that know my husband understand he's not the crazy type.) I am still trying to get this house in order and it seems after I pick up a mess, another is made. Does anyone want to offer their organization skills and fix this house? Anyone???? Just kidding, I'm just lazy!

This post will end on a good note. Mark made poo poo on the potty for two straight days. (Pee pee stuck just fine, but he was stubborn about the whole poop thing.) Seriously, I was starting to think he would go #2 in his pants for another year. So diapers are a thing of the past and I do not miss them. Good riddons....forever!

(Photo taken inside the Natural Bridge Caverns)