Blasts From My Past

I clicked on my mail server program this morning and was pleasantly surprised when I received yet another Facebook friend request.

To me Facebook is like an online reunion site. Soon after signing up I've been reconnecting with a load of friends - and I won't use the term "old friends" since we are getting closer and closer to the big 4-0. How about past friends? Yeah, that sounds much better.

Some I've known since elementary school. We shared many slumber parties, movie nights and dressing like Madonna. Remember, when neon ruled, earrings purposely mismatched and oversize shirts belted loosely. Oh my, when Duran Duran came on watch out!

Several I came to know in middle/high school, when I started searching for God. I attended Campus Life and our church's youth group. To know many still follow the Lord brings me joy. Some spoke volumes in my life, even much needed truth during my high school years of rebellion and rejection.

And then there are the ones I've just recently connected with. Time will tell how my life is affected by my relationship with them. Can't wait!

To browse through these friends (past and present) and see their family, children, ministries and passions is too cool. Maybe one day I'll see a friend request from you? Or better yet, get the opportunity to meet up with a past friend or two in person.