Never Say Never

Those that know me know very well know that I don't do shorts. Last year I caved in somewhat and bought Bermudas, but those are really shorts, are they? More like shorter capris. For years Steve has given me a hard time about my no-shorts decision. He compliments about how great my legs really look and how I need to get out of my capris pants box.

While we were vacationing in Hawaii, I realized I needed to get off my butt and workout. I wasn't huffing and puffing during our tours and hikes, but every night I was drop dead tired. My muscles a bit sore and my feet weary. It was then I realized I needed to do something and so I did. For a little over three weeks now my workout commitment is still strong and the benefits far outweigh the effort.

So drumroll, please.....

Yesterday I bought shorts. Not Bermudas or "walking shorts", but regular shorts. As I looked into the dressing room's mirror I was proud at what I accomplished. I announced to Mark, who was busy using the hangers as drumsticks, that "mommy's legs look just fine". And if my varicose veins are revealed, which are stamps of love from my two pregnancies, then so be it. They are my testimony of being a mommy! And my no-tan legs are the way God made me and who wants to start an argument with Him? Uh, not me!

When we returned home I brought in my bags and went back outside to kick a ball around with Mark. I wasn't tired from shopping. Or maybe I was still on my shorts-buying high? Either way, I felt great. And you should have witnessed Steve's face when I told him about my recent purchase. "It's about time," he replied.

Today our temperatures will reach 80. I want to walk with Mark to our neighborhood's park. I hope to play football catch with Matt after his homework. And I plan on wearing shorts.