"Toot toot, chugga chugga!"

That's what Mark says when he walks into his bedroom now. During Memorial Day weekend I spent a day and a half painting it red -- Big Red Car red for all you Wiggles fans out there. We aren't doing a Wiggles theme, it's just the first thing that popped into Mark's head. I am not a fan of bedroom themes anyway since a child's interest changes on a daily basis. I just have to add some framed pictures, handle some minor touch ups and it's all done. For all you Chicago Cubs fans out there: Matt's room is Cubby blue and Mark's is Cubby red. Yes, that was intentional.

Sunday night our family endured different sleeping arrangements since Mark's room was out of commission. Mark slept in Matt's bed and since the two boys would argue more than sleep, Matt slept with me in our bed and Steve took the couch. (Got that straight?) Thankfully that lasted one night. I love my bed with my husband in my space and I think Steve would agree. The next night all was normal. Phew!