My Men

I come from a male dominated family. I grew up with two brothers and my five cousins are, you guessed it, male. At our big family gatherings while the guys were playing sports, tackling each other or playing Dungeons & Dragons, I usually found my outlet in playing dress up and pretending with my Barbies. I was forced to protect them from being decapitated from my crazy brothers. They were always threating to pull her arms and legs off too. And my poor salon head Barbie took a beating. She needed a makeover and I wasn't helping!

My Grandma allowed me to dip into her stash of makeup which consisted of frosted blue eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. On some occasions I looked more like a hooker than a princess, but hey, I thought I was beautiful and all grown up. And if there was a twirling dress, boy could I twirl it!

I enjoyed baking with my mom and licking my fingers while I was supposed to be dropping the dough in teaspoonfuls. My favorite: snickerdoodles She passed on her love to cook for her family onto me and I know my hubby is thankful for that.

In the midst of my girlness there was a part of me that wanted to be included. I would watch my dad play wiffle ball with my brothers and if I wanted to be included, I had to get involved. I have fond memories of basketball games on our driveway: Dad and me against my two brothers. And I can repeat a good football play if need be. Wiffle ball? Give me a curve ball and I'll whack it! Even though I dreamt of being the next Mary Lou Retton and marrying prince charming (or possibly Corey Haim), I am thankful for these moments with my dad, brothers and cousins.

I guess God was preparing me for my relationship with my sons. Matt and I play football catch a lot. It's a perfect time to talk and share. He seems more open when he's doing something he likes. Mark comes in with stained knees from digging in the dirt and I am not surprised because that's what my brothers did. My boys climb on top of me and want to wrestle and I gladly return the favor. And on the sidelines I actually understand the sport Matt is playing and cheer loudly. I get it.

This is my life. With boys. And I would never ever trade it for anything!