I Got Plans

As Steve was heading out for work he announced that we were going out for dinner as a family. I am never picky with that option. If I don't have to cook or clean it up, I'm happy. And after my park day with my MOPS gals this morning, I stopped by our local grocery store's Redbox booth and rented a movie for Steve and I tonight. Who says you have to actually go out to a movie theater to consider it a date? And instead of paying $10/person plus the extra $20 for a drink and tub of popcorn, I just typed in a promo code and got my rental for free. With my boys' bedtime by 8-8:30pm, my hubby and I have a date set on our couch with microwave popcorn, cream soda and the remote control.

PS Mark is sleeping like an angle in his new big boy bed. Easy transition!