Looking at the Positive

When I edited my "Archives" while giving this blog a new look, I realized I've been doing this blogging thing for two years. Some posts are thought provoking, some quirky, some painful, some opinionated, some fun and some just plain out there. But they are my posts and I'm sticking to them.

The new look also brought back all the reasons why I started this blog in the first place. I pray you find a reason to wake up and conquer the day. Even if the kids spill orange juice on the kitchen floor, you can clean it up and pour a another glass. Even if the bed isn't made, you can strive to make it the next morning. And those dishes piled in the sink can wait. It's not like they'll explode or morph into some flesh-eating beast. And even if your children whine and moan about petty things, know that bedtime is coming and a new day is ahead.

Find something to thank God for today. Maybe it's a child's kiss. A friend's hug. A spouse's love. A roof over your head. The clothes on your back. Food in the pantry. Your backyard. The sunshine. Or even the rain that nourishes the earth. All of us can find one thing to be grateful for and hold on to.