Weekly Recap

  • A girls' night out Tuesday for coffee and dessert. (Actually I had bruschetta, but it's sweet candy to my taste buds; not my breath, unfortunately).

  • Chaperoning Matt's class to a nature hike. I figured if I can handle 100+ teenagers, I can handle a group 7-year olds.

  • Making fresh salsa. My favorite! Mine consists of black beans, corn, jalapeno pepper, red onion, tomato and a colorful bell pepper. And what would salsa be without fresh cilantro? I can dip corn chips in this or even top it over brown rice. Yummo!

  • Flag football/baseball practice. Our laptop computer has been a godsent for DVD watching. Mark and I have designated our van's far back bench seat as our second family room area.

  • And on the topic of sports, my time in the laundry room has increased due to grass stained baseball pants and a muddy football jersey.

  • Friday @ MOPS! How I love my group of Purple Patience gals! I'm gonna miss you throughout the summer. Trying not to tear up. We are already planning a few days with the kids during our 3-month long break.

  • Today marks my third week straight of keeping with my workout schedule. I am proud of myself and more than that, it's healthy for me. When I am outside with my boys, I can actually play with them instead of sitting on my folding chair reading a magazine. YAY FOR ME!