In a few weeks Mark will turn three. Three. THREE!

School ends June 4th and I anticipate my mornings not being ruled by a bus stop time -- 7:30am thank you very much!

My daily blog visits have decreased. With the weather warming up we are outside more than in. Talk about a cure for the winter blues. Blame my daily exercise routine on my new found desire to be more active and spend less time sitting in front of my computer's monitor.

Gas is $4.09/gallon here. I am beginning to become pessimistic. It's never going down. Ever.

Mascara is a tired mom's best friend. Use an eye lash curler and let me tell ya, I am W I D E awake!

Matt is half way through his baseball season. That went by fast!

Don't try to swipe the sides of the mixer's bowl while the machine is beating. It can be lethal!

Matt can add faster than me. Actually, this doesn't come as a surprise. I could never do math in my head let alone figure out tip.

A towel can pick up spills way better than paper towels. Trust me, I know!