Sleep Walking

That call. At 3:30am. The first one I hear I think it's part of my dream and ignore it. The second call I realize it really is one of the boys yelling for me. I ask Steve which one he thinks it is and we guess Mark.
I stumble into Mark's room half asleep and ask, "What's wrong little man?" No response. "Are you ok? What's wrong?" Nothing. I put my hand on his little head.
Oh, it's Matt!
Off to Matt's room I go after I reassure Mark to go back to sleep. Actually, I don't think I woke him up to begin with.
I open Matt's door hoping I don't smell vomit in the air. "What's wrong?" (I detect no smell, thank God above!)
He then goes on about a dream he had. He was on some ship and it was sinking and filling up with water....blah....blah....blah.... I was too tired to make heads or tails about what he was saying! I hugged him and reminded him, "It's only a dream. You're fine. Go back to sleep."
Back to bed I went and I am lucky I didn't walk into any walls, but I did step on a Magna Doodle pad. Thankfully it's flat.