Cleaning Tools and a Pig

What is up with Blogger lately? I tried over and over again to add a photo of my pantry to my last post. It will not let me! I give up. So I will post it here to show off my organization talents – or lack of! As usual my boys are in the middle of everything.

My usual blog hits: Apologies your way! I have been so busy this week and haven't visited much. Soon enough I will catch up!

Is there an item(s) in your home that your baby or toddler gravitates around? Do your toddlers love cleaning tools such as vacuums, brooms, Swiffers, etc? Matt fell in love with our vacuum when he started to crawl and Mark is hooked on my Swiffer tools. By the way, I love this device called The Carpet Flick – especially around the kitchen table as you can see here. It also picks up popcorn crumbs like a dream! I try to use these addictions to my advantage!

This week my boys and I attended a mom’s group luau at our neighborhood’s park. I enjoyed visiting while Matt played limbo and more. A great time - thanks, Laura!! Matthew is always playing "the ham" seen here sticking his tongue out. He reminds me of myself at that age - always the perfomer!! Ha, get it? "Ham"....pig in the photo? *DRUM SOUND* Seriously, I have a better sense of humor than that!

Thursday I registered Matthew for kindergarten. The first day of school is less than two weeks away. This summer went by too fast! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these last days of summer (wiping a tear from my eye).