Your Fountain of Youth?

While cleaning up after dinner last night Steve decided to look through our CD collection. He put in an old Whiteheart CD which got the ball rolling.......

Now those of you that were into Christian music in the late 80’s/early 90’s would recognize that music group. Who out there listened to Alter Boys? LSU? Before there was Chris Tomlin and Casting Crowns there was Petra Praise.

In that moment Steve and I were brought back to when we were young and energetic. We started moving and singing. Matt laughed while Mark just stared at the family God gave him.

“What is up with Mom and Dad?????”

Next thing you know I am grooving with that Molly Ringwald kick-dance from the Breakfast Club. Do you know which one I mean? When she’s on the library's balcony and the group is gettin’ down. I mean I was goin’ to town!!!

Steve is punching his hands in the air like he’s at a rock concert and Matt is there with him jumping and shaking his head. Matt is a performer through and through. He's making up dance moves and making a statement.

Again, Mark is sitting in his high chair now laughing at us goofs.

“Oh my, this is my family! Get me down! I wanna join in!”

In comes Mark. He does this bounce with his legs and puts his hands in the air. Too cute! He tries so hard to imitate his big brother and Daddy.

For the next 30 minutes we put in song after song. It was the best time cleaning up after dinner we've had!

So, what does your family do to lose your adultness? That gives back your youth? That makes wonderful family memories? Remember.....we won’t at you just with you!