A Novel Idea for a Meme

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Tammy from Family Doin's tagged me. Here is the question presented:

If you could write a novel about any subject, what would it be?

It would seem I am all about writing.......think again! This blog is more like a journal than a place where I pour out my writing talents. A specific novel doesn't come to mind, but I will dig into my thoughts and answer the question above.

When I became a mother I experienced all kinds of emotions. From the joy of loving someone more than myself to absolute fear of the unknown we can all admit that parenting is the hardest but most rewarding job.

Unfortunately with all the books out there explaining the correct ways to raise our children, I bombarded myself with different concepts. Reading one belief and then reading something else that countered the first idea left me confused.

Mind you, some areas I was strong about, but how do you prepare for endless nights of crying? Tantrums in the store? When giving a bottle isn’t working? Sickness plagues your home? You are tired and feel there is no rest near? Bedtime is complete chaos and you are looking for the exit sign?

So, my novel would be an honest approach to parenting:

  • It is ok if you are un-showered for more than 3 days
  • Your child will survive a night of crying and so will the parent!
  • Spit up does come out of that designer shirt
  • A ponytail is a fashion DO
  • The minivan is a sportscar! I mean really.....a DVD player.....automatic doors.....come on!!
  • Most people are up around 12am.....then 2am.....then 4am.....
  • Coffee is a mom’s best friend!
  • Watching your husband walk through the door is the best feeling ever.
  • Your children’s hugs and kisses are priceless!

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