First Day of School

He is my Matty.....my Sweetie.....my firstborn.....my son.....my flesh and blood.....
Today he started kindergarten. Five and a half years went by like a blink!

This morning he waited with his neighborhood buddies anticipating the school bus. I had to remind him the bus stop is not the place to play tag! He hopped on the "big Twinkie" without fear - in fact he got on so fast it was hard snapping a photo. He is growing up and there is no stopping it.

(Matthew with Blair and Johnny getting on the bus)

I went to pick him up and he had so much to say:

"I sat with Tommy and Ean from preschool last year! They are in my class!"

"They took all my school supplies. Was that right? Do I need them back? I’ll get them back tomorrow and bring them home."

"I get to see my friends every day!"

“We had recess for only, like, two minutes.”

"Mom, the bathroom's toilet is really little....I mean this little." (Shaping his hands like his holding an apple)
Oh how I miss his newborn smell! Sometimes after his bath I grab a hint of it. I remember his peach fuzz head of hair that stuck up 24/7. His loud laugh and hollering cry. His uncontrollable drool during teething. He danced endlessly to The Wiggles and clapped all the time. He would hold us tight learning to walk. I remember watching him on the Little Tykes scooter making the “vroom” noise. He was my entertaining toddler. Always putting on a show. Center of attention. He adjusts easily in crowds and is rarely shy.

Now Matty turned into "just Matt, Mom". His Little Tykes scooter is now a two wheeler. He'll push me away when his “dudes” are around saying under his breath, "Mom, don't hug me."

But when the friends are gone and the day is done, he always asks me to tuck him in. To pray with him. To give him hugs and kisses before bed. When all is said and done, I am still his mommy. The one who makes the best pancakes. The one who attaches a note to his snack every day. The one who makes boo boos go away. The one he calls when he is hurt. I am here and proud to call Matt my son!