A Meme For All Seasons

My dear friend, Stephanie, tagged me again!!! She is not only a blogging friend, but our husbands are close (best men in our weddings) and we couldn't help but bond as well. On top of that we share the same sense humor!!!

Your favorite seasons in order:

  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Fall
  • Winter

Your favorite smells of each season:

  • Summer: sunscreen, fresh cut grass, tropical scents
  • Spring: blossomed trees, vinegar when coloring eggs, fresh air
  • Fall: apple orchards, turkey roasting
  • Winter: Christmas candles burning, the plastic smell from the Christmas decoration storage bins (you know what I am talking about???)

Your favorite foods of each season:

  • Spring: Again....let's get the grill going!!!
  • Fall: Thanksgiving meal
  • Winter: Can our grill work in the garage???

What are your favorite colors for each season?

  • Summer: Hot pink, bright greens, and orange
  • Spring: Light pinks and blues
  • Fall: Burgundy and red
  • Winter: Red and black

Your favorite activities of each season:

  • Summer: EVERYTHING! Swimming, playing outside, 4th of July, going to parks......on and on.......
  • Spring: Easter morning!
  • Fall: Pumpkin patch, visiting our local orchard
  • Winter: Watching the kids play in the snow from the window! And how can you forget CHRISTMAS MORNING WITH THE KIDS!!!

There you have it!! Now I tag Heaven Sent and Terrible Speller.