Repeat Offender

I am not sure why I left my profile photo in a black turtleneck throughout this beautiful spring/summer season. So in honor of summer, even though the days are few, I will share my tan and shades.

We have a repeat offender in this house!! Saturday while shopping at our local Super Wal-Mart (I know how much Terrible Speller loves spending endless hours there) I noticed Mark had red spots on his hands. Later I found a pin-point rash on his diaper area...........could it be...............YES!

HAND FOOT MOUTH DISEASE.........................AGAIN!!!

In June we battled this and now Mark is experiencing it all over again. Is my hand washing policy working? Is our home a breeding ground for every germ out there? Does Purell really work? Do we live in cow dung? Clorox take me away!!!

Steve asked, “Where did he get it?”

I replied, “Maybe from our neighborhood's park? Maybe at the town’s summer park camp Matt attended week after week while Mark played in their sand pit? Maybe from the park camp end-of-the-season festival we attend Friday? Maybe from our church’s nursery? Maybe from playing outside and putting everything in his mouth? Maybe after splashing in the toilet water one morning?” Need I go on??????

"Hello, officer, we have a repeat offender. Put it in jail without bond. LIFE SENTENCE!!!!"