Summer Days

Ah - the wonderful days of summer!! I am excited for longer days, walks to our neighborhood's park, and pools. Next Monday Matthew starts day camp which is a great way for him to spend time with friends and get outside (pictured to the left is one buddy, Matthew).

As you can see Mark is joining in on summer fun! Although he is
not fond of the sprinkler OR sitting in the grass. As we say, "It's like a cat going in water." HA! It is great not worrying about the cold wind chills or jackets. He spends most days barefoot. Is there anything cuter than baby's feet?

Another plus about summer is entertaining friends. Steve and I are always up for company and cook-outs. It has only gotten more fun since our friends are having kids. Watching all our children play is an image we cherish -- there is nothing better!

We hope your summer season brings memories and lots family fun!!