Christmas Carol Favorites

Beck hollered, "Tag, you're it!" She asked me to share my top 5 Christmas songs and then the top 5 I loathe to hear.....

Among the best:

  • "O, Holy Night"
  • "Silent Night"
  • "Carol of the Bells"
  • "12 Days of Christmas" JOHN DEVER with The Muppets VERSION!!
  • Is it fair to say anything from Mannheim Steamroller, Harry Connick, Josh Groban or Nate King Cole???

Now those that cause me to turn the radio station:

  • "I Wanna A Hippopotamus for Christmas" (obnoxious -- pull that bratty girl off stage!!!)
  • "O, Christmas Tree" (Who wants to sing praises to a tree anyway???)
  • "Santa, Baby" (Madonna's version sounds like nails on a chalkboard)
  • "Dominick the Donkey" (Who likes to hear donkey yelps anyway???)
  • "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" (What is this song is really about? You guess it...ADULTARY!! No thanks. Worse than that...the kid sees it. GROSS!)