My Firstborn

On December 8, 2000 I thought I was coming down with an intestinal flu around 4am. Little did I know they were contractions. I was about to give birth to my first son, Matthew.

That week I experienced a lot of "first times":

  • First time in labor/delivery. “Oh the humanity!!!”
  • First time witnessing the first breaths of God’s creation
  • First time changing a diaper. Yes, first time!
  • First time being sleep deprived
  • First time knowing Agape love
  • First time realizing how much I appreciated my own mother
  • First time loving someone above myself
  • First time dealing with spit up on an hourly basis
  • First time........did I mention being sleep deprived?
The list goes on and on.

But my first thought when Matthew was put into my arms was, “Oh, God, what did I get myself in to?” I was scared, anxious, joyful, and overwhelmed all at once.

Today Matthew is six. God threw me into the pool of motherhood and I am forever grateful. Matthew is such a character with his dramatic ways. He is smart and grasps concepts quickly. He is sensitive and compassionate. He loves sports and anticipates the school bus every morning.

God knew Matthew before he was created and I am thankful He gave us this boy to raise and train. What a responsibility!

Happy Birthday, Matty!!!!!