Making Christmas Fun

Here are some cheap, easy ways to enjoy the holiday season:

  • Contact your local parks department or library. They have many events for kids at little or no cost.
  • After dinner take the family for a drive around nearby neighborhoods to view decorated houses. Read what Stephanie did -- in your PJs is the best!! Make sure to play that Christmas music.
  • Bake cookies! Is their anything better? Let your children lick the bowl to their hearts content.
  • After baking cookies allow your children to use their art skills and decorate them. Remember: neatness is not necessary!!!
  • Turn off the TV and spend time as a family sitting around the Christmas tree. Talk about the true meaning of Christmas: JESUS!
  • Take advantage of church events: live nativities, candlelight services, plays
  • Teach your children Christmas carols. Sing them during bathtime or in the car.
  • Watch those Christmas specials and make a family movie night out of it.

Have another idea? Please share!!!

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NOTE: We will be out of town this weekend for my brother's doctoral ceremony. I am busy packing -- haven't packed for a young toddler in a long time! Please pray for safe travels and a relaxing time. I started an upper chest cold yesterday and my boys are getting over the same. Timing stinks, but we'll make it through.