Tables are Turning.........

As most of you know Matthew is on a strict gluten free diet because he has celiac disease. During trips to the grocery he loves to eyeball all the decorated cakes and told me one day, “Mom, I wish I could eat those cakes. Too bad they have gluten.”

My heart dropped. I felt horrible for him. It must be hard to be a kid with a diet restriction. I used to think it was hard on mommy, but as Matthew grows up he is realizing there is a difference between what he is allowed to eat and what his friends can eat. Looks like the tables are turning and it is Matthew that has to deal with being gluten free day in and day out. Feeling like he is missing out. Thankfully I have taught him responsibility in keeping to his diet and I make sure he knows nothing can hold him back from having a fun, active childhood.

My mom offered to make a fully decorated gluten free Spongebob cake like Matthew would find in any grocery store for his birthday -- I lack talent in frosting a cake!! When they arrived Friday we were in awe at how it turned out. What do you think?