What I am into this month.....

Stephanie is asking bloggers to share....

Weirdest present that I received: Nothing really, although my father-in-law gave me 2lbs of chocolate. Like I need that!!!!

My favorite blog entry from this month: This one

What's keeping me busy this month: The weekends were full of activities not to mention all the school events we attended. Baking. Shopping. Wrapping. HOLIDAY CRAZY FOR SURE!

The movie or show I liked watching: The Christmas specials are a nice family tradition. Most of the shows I am into were reruns anyway!

My New Year's Resolution: I am not big on resolutions. I tend to reflect on what I learned throughout the last year to better my life.

Blog I Am Always Visiting: I have a couple friends I’ve known since high school who blog here and here.

What I'm Most Looking Forward To Next Month: For another winter month to end!!