Friends Forever

Yesterday Steve ran to Walmart to purchase more storage bins. We worked on our basement and tackled more clutter. Feels oh so nice!

In the middle of our task I came across two shoeboxes full of photos. I flipped through hundreds of pictures. I kept everything! Some were of high school homecoming dances. College years. Friend gatherings. Others were of church retreats and mission trips. Memories flooded my brain. Some good. Some bad. I realized what photos were important. What memories God would want me to keep. Some photos expressed a time in my life that wasn’t so pleasant living in rebellion and contrary to Scripture.

Those photos were tossed. Burned up. Forgotten. I will start a new slate and make that past dead.....why not.....God did!

However, as I flipped through these pictures I found several that were precious. Ones of family. Ones of those that I remain connected to now. In honor of Happi this one is for you.

This photo was taken in 1990. We decided to dress up as cool as possible and snap some shots. Should have graced the cover of Seventeen, right?? I don't think so!! The jacket and tie I am wearing are my brother's.

Hey, Happi, looks like we stuck it through thick and thin! Love ya!